Pastor Dave Hatcher


Dave has been the pastor of Trinity Church since 1999.  Before that, Dave studied at Greyfriars Hall in Moscow, ID, under the direction of Christ Church CREC, and prior to that he was the Associate Pastor of an evangelical church in Annapolis, MD for 10 years.  Dave is married to Kim and they have 6 faithful children and 5 grandchildren.


Pastor Sebastian Smolarz

Sebastian Smolarz grew up in a Catholic home, but turned Evangelical and Reformed after being met by God in his late teenage years. He has had a desire to know Him better and to serve His people ever since. He graduated from a Bible seminary in Poland, got a degree in theology from a Reformed college in Scottish Highlands, and defended his doctoral thesis at the University of Wales, U.K. (Ph.D. in biblical studies). During his seminary years in Poland, he got involved in helping to establish a new church in Wroclaw where he was later ordained. He has co-pastored Evangelical Reformed Church in Wroclaw since 2004. Sebastian enjoys exploring and teaching the Bible, and focusing on God’s covenant faithfulness, which he says is as lovely as listening to good pieces of music! He was called to be an assistant professor in Old Testament studies (part-time) at the Evangelical School of Theology in Wroclaw in 2010. He teaches students from multiple Christian denominations, and is also invited to lecture at various evangelical churches.

He and his wife Magdalena have three children, a boy and two girls, who help them to explore the beauty of God’s creation.