Camp Rules & Guidelines

You can find the full Twin Rocks Friends Camp User Agreement here.

  1. There is absolutely no alcohol allowed on Twin Rocks property. This includes the Harbor Villa houses off of the main Twin Rocks campus.
  2. No weapons, fireworks, or other explosives are allowed onsite, nor are poisonous substances.
  3. Two of the major focuses of Camp week is on scriptural instruction, and learning new hymns and psalms as a congregation. Therefore, it is important that everyone attend the morning and evening chapel sessions. Exceptions include nursery-age children, caretaking adults or others providentially hindered.
  4. The traditioanl evening campfire at the beach IS NOT an official RCC event. RCC will not provide any volunteers to clean up your mess, find your lost items, or douse fires. Please behave as if you are on Oregon State public land (because you are).
  5. No pets are allowed.
  6. The lakeside waterfront area is off limits except during designated hours with a TRFC lifeguard and RCC volunteer present.
  7. If you signed up for a Hadley Hall or cabin room, please remember to bring your own bed clothes, pillows and linens. TRFC does not provide those for cabins or Hadley Hall.
  8. Breakfast is served as a buffet between 7:30 AM and 9 AM. Feel free to have breakfast anytime within those couple hours. Lunch and dinner will also be served buffet style this year at 12:30 PM and 5:30 PM respectively. For lunch and dinner, please do your best to be present the meal prayer promptly and 12:30 PM and 5:30 PM, since there will be announcements and updates about upcoming activities at those times.
  9. After 10 PM, please keep noise to a minimum. This is especially important in the gym, Hadley Hall, and the campfire sites.
  10. The pairing off of young unmarried people of the opposite sex into isolated areas by themselves is strictly prohibited.