About Eagle Fern Camp

RCC’s 2021 Family Camp will feature two full days at Eagle Fern Camp, on Wednesday June 16th and Friday June 18th. Check the schedule for more details.

Eagle Fern Camp is about a 45 minute drive from Oregon City. Although events start at 10 AM officially, you are welcome to show up an hour or two earlier to scout the facilities yourself.

WARNING: Eagle Creek runs along most of the northeastern edge of the campus; access to the creek is not restricted by fencing or other means. Please keep an eye on your children to prevent them from injury or drowning. NO LIFEGAURD IS ON DUTY.

No alcohol is allowed on Eagle Fern property. Tobacco use is discouraged. The camp asks its guests to limit smoking to the parking lot area.

There is little to no cell service at Eagle Fern. A guest phone line is available for your use for both incoming and outgoing calls. It will be available to you throughout your stay. The number is 503-630-5924. There is good WiFi around the buildings. GUEST202!

37700 SE Camp Road